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A kitchen scene with women at a table

Artist Statement creative process...

Art is like meditation where my thoughts are clear and time and space become invisible. Often, I’m inclined to create the illusion of movement and fluidity with my paint strokes. I love experimenting with vibrant colors much like  my personality and how I see the world - always full of life and movement. I seek to inspire and bring positive feelings with every piece.

About the Artist

Sharika Mahdi, a renowned artist known for vibrant works, created historic commissions for Disney’s new adventure world based on The Princess and the Frog. Her talent was also displayed in a commissioned football for the NFL Super Bowl Committee, now a public art piece in New Orleans. Mahdi’s art has been collected and praised by notable figures like the late Dr. Maya Angelou, Renee Goldsberry, and numerous other collectors.


A New Orleans native and LSU graduate, Mahdi’s artistic journey was nurtured as a teenager by Young Aspirations Young Artists (YA/YA) Arts Center. Her work was showcased globally, including exhibitions in Cologne, New York, and Paris with group and solo exhibitions.


Recognized as an Emerging Artist at the Atlanta Jazz Festival and awarded by Essence Marketplace in New Orleans, Mahdi continues to make waves. In 2024 she captivated audiences with her acrylic works and commissioned football at the Los Angeles Art Show and her solo exhibition “A Colorful Journey Through Whimsical Brushstrokes” in Los Angeles.

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