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About Us

Our Mission is a fine art business based in New Orleans, Louisiana, specializing in art-related products and services. Our mission is to create and sell unique and creative fine art pieces that cater to the needs of art enthusiasts and customers looking for high-quality and original artwork.

Our History was founded in 2020 by Sharika, a local artist based in New Orleans. Sharika's passion for art and her desire to provide art enthusiasts with high-quality and original artwork led her to start this business. Since then, has been creating and selling unique and creative fine art pieces, becoming a renowned name in the art industry of New Orleans.

Our Affiliates is proud to be affiliated with some of the top names in the art industry, including local art galleries, museums, and artists. These affiliations allow us to bring the best of the art world to our customers, while also providing a platform for emerging artists to showcase their work.

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